PUBLISHED:February 14, 2023

A Valentine’s Day celebration of Duke Law’s alumni couples


A Valentine's Day tradition, Duke Law alumni couples share about how they found their lasting love while pursuing a law degree.

This Valentine's Day, Duke law alums are fondly reflecting upon and reminiscing about how they found love at Duke Law School. For some it was love at first sight or an eye-catching smile, while others first met at student group mixers. One couple's first date was literally soaring among the clouds and another cruised along U.S. 15-501, top down in a convertible.

However they met, all of our alum couples agree that Duke University holds a very special place in their hearts. One couple exchanged vows in Sarah P. Duke Gardens and another recalled a surprise proposal and tying the knot at Duke University Chapel. Learn more about our wonderful alum couples below and be sure to check out last year's Duke Law alum couples, as well.