PUBLISHED:March 04, 2013

Vidmar testifies on tort reform before House judiciary subcommittee

Professor Neil Vidmar testified before the House Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice on March 5. The Russell M. Robinson II Professor of Law and Professor of Psychology, Vidmar’s research involves the empirical study of law across a broad spectrum of topics in civil and criminal law.

The hearing was titled “Excessive Litigation's Impact on America's Global Competitiveness." Read Vidmar's testimony here.

A social psychologist by training, Vidmar is a leading expert on jury behavior and outcomes and has extensively studied medical malpractice litigation, punitive damages, dispute resolution, and the social psychology of retribution and revenge.

Vidmar also is currently engaged in a project involving pro se litigants and another involving legal malpractice, as well as a project analyzing decision making in the criminal justice system with the Law School’s Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility for which he serves as research director. He regularly teaches in all of these areas, offering classes and seminars on social science evidence in law, negotiation, medical malpractice litigation, the American jury, and ethics.