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How to Volunteer for PILF

All volunteer opportunities are announced to Duke Law PILF members through the PILF email list. Each email will include a number of links to sign up for volunteer opportunities, view whether or not you received the assignment for which you’ve signed up, and view your current assignments and cumulative hours earned.

When you receive an email regarding a volunteer opportunity, click the link to sign-up for the opportunities and fill out the form with ALL information required. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly to ensure that you are eligible to receive the assignment.

After signing up, you can click the next link in the email to see if you received the assignment. If you received the assignment, a “Y” will appear in the last cell at the end of the row with your information.

In addition, you can check your total hours by clicking the third link in the email.

The only way to sign up for volunteer opportunities is to use the form sent out in the emails. Please email Grace Hitzeman with any questions about volunteering.

Cancelling Volunteer Assignments

All volunteers have a responsibility to ensure that they are available during the entire time slot for which they sign up. Signing up for a time slot for which you are not available, or only available part of the time, is unfair to other volunteers who sign up after you but are available for the entire time slot. In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, cancellations may be made 48 hours in advance, unless you received the assignment less than 48 hours before the time slot. The Volunteer Coordinator shall review excuses for cancellations less than 48 hours in advance. Repeated unexcused cancellations or cancellations without sufficient notice may impact your ability to receive future assignments.