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How to Volunteer for PILF

All volunteer opportunities are announced to Duke Law PILF members through the PILF email list. When you receive an email regarding a volunteer opportunity, click the link to sign-up for the opportunities and fill out the form with ALL information required.

After sign ups close, all volunteers will be emailed and notified if they were selected or not. Selections are made randomly and weighted for the number of times a student has signed up for volunteering, been selected, and cancelled.

The only way to sign up for volunteer opportunities is to use the form sent out in the emails. Please email Sarah Laws with any questions about volunteering.

Cancelling Volunteer Assignments

All volunteers have a responsibility to ensure that they are available during the entire time slot for which they sign up. Signing up for a time slot for which you are not available, or only available part of the time, is unfair to other volunteers who sign up after you but are available for the entire time slot. In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, students must email the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible. The Volunteer Coordinator shall review excuses for cancellations. Unexcused cancellations will impact your ability to receive future assignments.