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Since 1991, pro bono service has been a key component of the leadership development of Duke Law students. 

Students at Bull City Stand Down As one of the earliest formal law school programs in the country, the Pro Bono Project takes learning beyond the classroom, connecting students with attorneys working in non-profit and governmental organizations, as well as private pro bono practice to explore and contribute to public service, sharpen their legal and professional skills, and build relationships important to their future careers.

Students also are educated about the gaps in the legal delivery system and are given the chance to become involved in work that benefits the community, such as providing legal services to low-income individuals, researching important policy issues, participating in the legislative or judicial system, or teaching constitutional law to high school students.

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Please note that the Office of Public Interest & Pro Bono does not provide any legal advice, representation or counsel on any legal matter or case.

If you are seeking legal assistance, please contact the North Carolina Lawyer Referral Service at 919-677-7660 or


Student Pro Bono Groups

Students can also participate in groups providing pro bono services to the local Durham community and beyond.

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Individual Pro Bono Opportunities

Students may pursue individual pro bono placements with local non-profit legal services offices, government organizations, and private attorneys and firms engaged in pro bono practice.

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Pro Bono: Class of 2017

Members of the Duke Law School Class of 2017 contributed over 35,000 pro bono hours over their three years at Duke, inluding their work with pro bono projects, clinics and externships. The 50-hour Pro Bono Pledge was achieved by roughly 2/3 of the Class of 2017.


Southern Justice Spring Break

Watch the video and hear the stories form students who spent spring break aiding immigrants in the detention facility in Dilley, Texas as part of the Southern Justice Spring Break.  

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