Ad Hoc Seminars

A group of at least five and no more than ten students may plan, conduct, and take for one or two credits their own ad hoc seminar. Students must be in their third semester of law school in order to participate in an ad hoc seminar. For most students, this means they can not take an ad hoc seminar until 2L fall semester, except that dual degree students who start law school in the summer term would be eligible to take an ad hoc seminar in 1L spring semester.

The sponsoring students shall submit to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) a written prospectus containing a syllabus and a list of required readings for such a program. Ad hoc seminar proposals are due to OSA by December 1 for spring semester and July 1 for fall semester. Students must identify a faculty member to supervise the ad hoc seminar prior to submitting the proposal to OSA. The Dean's Office will evaluate the proposal to determine its academic merit, feasibility and compliance with Rule 3-12(2). In order to earn credit, each participating student must submit a paper (or series of papers) of the kind generally produced in seminars. The papers shall be evaluated by the supervising faculty, at his or her discretion, either according to the Law School’s numerical grading scale or on a credit/no credit basis. [See Rule 3-1(3)(b).]