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The Start-Up Ventures Clinic represents entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures on a variety of matters related to the start-up process, including company formation, founders equity and vesting, shareholder agreements, intellectual property protection and licensing agreements, commercialization strategies, and other issues that new enterprises face in the start-up phase.

    Related courses

    The following are a list of course offerings that help build skills for working with entrepreneurial clients:

    • Advising the Entrepreneurial Client: Learn how to handle the legal issues inherent in the life cycle of a typical startup, from inception and incorporation through the liquidity event.
    • Analytical Methods: This course is designed to help all lawyers develop a more systematic way of thinking about their work.  This is not your standard doctrinal law school course. Rather, it is designed to give students the tools necessary to interact with the business community and run a company or firm.
    • Business Strategy for Lawyers: The course is designed to introduce a wide variety of modern strategy frameworks and methodologies, including methods for assessing the strength of competition, for understanding relative bargaining power, for anticipating competitors’ actions, for analyzing cost and value structures and their relevance to competition, and for assessing potential changes in the scope of the firm (diversification and vertical integration). 
    • Entrepreneurship and the Law: Develop a deep understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurship and law. The course features regular visits and discussions with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial lawyers.
    • Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy: Learn how firms should manage and protect their intellectual capital by examining the management of intellectual capital from the vantage point of different types of firms—from start-ups to large incumbents—operating in different market environments. 
    • Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transaction: The goal of this course is to focus on the formation of deals, looking at the business reasons that parties come together, fail to meet expectations, and what makes them work.
    • Venture Capital Financing: This course focuses on how financial, legal, and economic issues are dealt with in the financial contracts between venture capitalists and their limited partners and between venture capitalists (or other private equity investors) and the firms in which they invest.