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Congratulations to Chris Suedekum, Kyle Thomason, Dan Singer, and Kristin Collins Cope, who placed 5th in the nation at the AAJ mock trial tournament!

Congratulations to those students who were extended an invitation to join the Board based on their outstanding individual performances in the 2009 Twiggs Beskind Cup:

Andy Roth
Austin Sandler
Benjamin Baucom
Carmen Jo Ponce
Christopher Battles
Danny Kronberg
Jonathan Ross
Keith Porcaro
Kristen Wolff
Matt Vandenberg
Mira Kasliwal
Natasha Alladina
Nicholas Lenning
Nick Davis
Paul Woodard
Proud Usahacharoenporn
Rebecca Marcucci
Rocio Perez
Sara Ruvic
Shama Barday
Sharika Richardson
Shelley Kahn
Sunny Kim

Duke Law Mock Trial Board

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The Mock Trial Board is a student-run organization that promotes the practical development of aspiring trial lawyers at Duke Law through participation in mock trial competitions at both the intra- and inter-scholastic levels. The Board is composed of forty-two student members selected through the intrascholastic Duke Law Mock Trial Tournament, held annually during the spring semester. These members represent Duke Law in interscholastic tournaments throughout the counstry, including the ATLA National Trial Advocacy Tournament, the TYLA National Trial Competition, the Georgetown National White Collar Tournament, and the National Animal Law Closing Argument Competition. The Board recently expanded its membership so that it could send more students to national competitions and continue to build a national reputation for excellence in trial advocacy.

The 2009 Duke Law Mock Trial Tournament was held February 16-17, 19, 2009. Nearly sixty 1L and 2L students participated in the competition, and the top performers were extended invitations to join the Mock Trial Board. During their tenure on the Board, each member is required either to serve as an officer or to compete in an interscholastic tournament each year they are on the board. The Mock Trial Board is led by an Executive Board composed of a president, vice president, treasurer, two intrascholastic tournament coordinators, and an interscholastic competition coordinator.
Team 14 (Christopher Battles, Nicholas Lenning, Rocio Perez, and Benjamin Baucom) enjoyed a 1-point victory over Team 15 (Proud Usahacharoenporn, Shama Barday, Natasha Alladina, Rebecca Marcucci) in the 2009 Twiggs Beskind Cup.  Judge Curtis Collier, '74, of the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Tennessee presided over the final round. He and Professor Donald Beskind scored the final round.
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