Duke Law Blueprint Fund Application

The Dean’s Blueprint Fund (“Fund”) provides Duke Law School student organizations with financial resources to develop programs that promote aspects of the Duke Law Blueprint. Student initiated programs play an integral role in building community and enriching the educational experience. While the Duke Bar Association (“DBA”) is Duke Law’s primary source of funding for student initiated events, the Dean’s Blueprint Fund is available for selected programs that either fall outside the scope of a traditionally DBA sponsored event (see DBA Funding Guidelines) or may require additional funding to ensure success. Each of the Law School’s departments and centers has contributed to the Fund and for that reason student event organizers may not approach any departments, centers or faculty of the Law School for program funding.

Eligible Organizations

Any student organization that meets the following qualifications:

  • Is formally recognized or chartered by Duke Bar Association
  • Any Duke Law School Journal

Individual students unaffiliated with either a DBA charted organization or journal are ineligible.

Eligible Programs

Below is a list of eligible programs. This is not an exhaustive list, but provides some examples of the kind of programming the Fund seeks to support.

  • Co-curricular education: programs that are academically-based such as lectures, symposia, workshops, and seminars
  • Law School/community service: programs that promote civic engagement and/or provide a needed service to the Duke Law School or Durham community
  • Health and safety: programs that promote wellness and/or safe behaviors and lifestyles
  • Multiculturalism and diversity: programs that engage students in the sharing of cultures via cultural and/or intercultural activities and dialogues
  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration: programs that involve the collaboration of at least two student organizations that traditionally have fewer opportunities co-develop programs, particularly between domestic and international student groups.
  • Arts: programs that promote and/or involve performance, visual, or other artistic forms with a law-related theme.

Program Guidelines

Any program sponsored (even in part) by the Fund must be open to all students currently enrolled in the Law School.

Ineligible Programs

The Review Committee will not accept applications for:

  • Programs where alcohol could reasonably be deemed the primary focus of the event are ineligible for the Dean’s Blueprint Fund sponsorship. While the Committee will accept applications for events involving alcohol, no finding will be provided for the purchase or distribution of alcohol.
  • Exclusive programs such as retreats
  • Philanthropic or charitable programs (fundraising cannot be the purpose of the event).
  • Events requesting funds for speaker's fees or honorariums

How To Apply

The Committee will review applications each academic year as they come in, however once funds for the academic year are exhausted, the Committee will not be able to provide additional funding. A complete application will include both an event proposal and a detailed program budget that includes funding expected from other sources such as the outside law firm sponsorship, DBA funding, or outside grants.

Event Proposal

The proposal should contain detailed information regarding the programs for which you are requesting funds. While there is not a required template for your program proposal, all proposals must provide at least the following information:

  • Program Description: Describe all aspects of the program including whether it is a new or ongoing program for the Law School? If a repeat program, indicate any new features or changes from the previous year.
  • Target Audience:  Who is your intended audience and approximately how many people to expect to attend?
  • Event Goals: What are the specific goals of the program? Why is this program important to the Duke Law community?
  • Publicity Plan: How do you plan to advertise/publicize your program?
  • Purpose: Explain how this event or program will support one or more of the principles described in the Duke Law Blueprint.
  • Budget: Outline your anticipated costs and, if applicable, funding already obtained from other sources (ex., DBA, firm sponsorship)

Proposal Tips

  • Indicate if a program involves collaboration with another student organization (do not just list other student organizations without having already mutually discussed the collaboration).
  • Describe the frequency of your program (i.e. weekly, monthly, annually, etc.).
  • Share past experiences regarding your program if it is a traditional program (i.e. what worked well, what would you change, etc.).
  • The larger the amount of funds requested, the more detailed information should be made available.
  • Programs or activities which serve smaller numbers of students should provide exceptional advantages to the Law School.
  • Funding applications should include a detailed budget estimating the cost of the events. Student should obtain quotes for entertainment, catering, airfare, hotels, advertising, etc.
  • Successful proposals will likely be supported, in part, by DBA funds unless the event falls outside the DBA’s scope of program funding.
  • Please submit completed applications to the Office of Student Affairs.