Grading Policy

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Duke Law School uses a slightly modified form of the traditional 4.0 grading scale. The modification permits faculty to recognize especially distinguished performance with grades above a 4.0, but no more than five percent (5%) of the grades in any class may be higher than a 4.0.

There is an enforced maximum median grade in all first-year courses and in upper-level courses with more than ten (10) students:

  • In all first-year courses and upper-level courses with enrollments of fifty (50) or more students, the median grade is 3.3.
  • In upper-level courses with enrollments of ten (10) to forty-nine (49) students, the maximum median grade is 3.5.

There is no maximum median grade in upper-level courses with fewer than ten (10) students.

A grade higher than 4.0 is comparable to an “A+” under letter grading systems. A grade of 1.5 or lower is failing.

The Law School does not release class rank.