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“The Duke-Leiden Institute is an incredibly unique program that allowed me to study international law in the home of some of the greatest international courts and scholars. . . . When I was asked about my favorite classes in [law firm] interviews, I always talked about my Leiden classes.”

— Kaitlyn Posa, Duke JD-LLM Second-Year Student


“As an international student preparing for an international career, the Duke-Leiden Institute provided me with a unique opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of topics taught by highly-qualified professors…. I also enjoyed exploring Dutch culture and making friends from many parts of the world.”

— Anderson J. Dirocie De Leon, LL.B. (PUCMM), LLM (Adv.) (Leiden)


“The Duke-Leiden Institute is an unparalleled opportunity to go beyond the traditional lecture setting and truly get to know your professors and peers. . . . I would not be as confident as I am today about building a career in international law without my time at the Institute.”

— Scott Boisvert, Duke JD-LLM Second-Year Student


“[The] Duke-Leiden institute was markedly attractive for me because the faculty of Duke and Leiden collaborated with each other and they taught both US and EU practice of international law. Moreover, I stayed in Den Haag, which is one of the most historical and international cities in Europe . . . . I highly recommend this program to students who are interested in a front line of international law.”

— Keiji Sato, Duke LLM Student 2018- 2019


“The Duke-Leiden institute offered me a fantastic insight into international law through a range of methodological and thematic lenses. The teaching was excellent and the content fascinating. It also provided a glimpse of American legal education, which may be of interest to those planning to study law in the US.”

— Amy Lanham Coles, City, University of London, GDL, 2019, UK