Admin Law 2022 | Welcome; and, Cass Sunstein, Introductory Keynote

The Duke Law Journal’s Administrative Law Symposium strives to produce an annual commentary on each year’s major developments in the field of federal administrative law. The symposium reports and analyzes those developments which are of general significance, presenting in one volume a discussion of current controversial issues which should be of interest both to the infrequent agency practitioner and to the attorney or agency member who desires a cross-agency perspective on those issues. Because of both space and knowledge limitations, the symposium undertakes to give detailed attention to those issues which appear to be of greatest general interest.

Appearing: Jennalee Beazley (Duke Law Journal Vol. 71 Editor-in-Chief), welcome; Mason Marks (U. of New Hampshire Law/Petrie-Flom Center, Harvard Law), keynote speaker introduction;
Cass Sunstein (Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard Law School), keynote speaker.

Sponsored by the Duke Law Journal, the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, and the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School.

Symposium title: Automating the Administrative State