Covering the Court: A Conversation with Adam Liptak and Neil Lewis

Adam Liptak, U.S. Supreme Court correspondent for The New York Times, and Neil Lewis, former correspondent for The New York Times and Senior Lecturing Fellow at Duke Law School, will discuss the challenges and responsibilities of covering the Court. Their conversation may include the following topics: (1) how they do their job, what their sources of information are, whether the Justices, current clerks, former clerks will (or should) talk with them; (2) whether they use the Justices' papers (Blackmun, etc.); (3) how they see their role; whether they see themselves as the Court's mouthpiece in the sense of explaining what the Court has done to a population that largely does not read judicial opinions; (4) how blogging and other media have affected the traditional Court beat; (5) whether they think the proceedings should be televised; (6) how Court watchers, including academics, can help the Court do a better job; (7) whether there should be term limits for the Justices; (8) the trends they have observed.