Duke Law Journal Administrative Law Symposium - 1

February 12, 2010

Duke Law Journal's Fortieth Annual Administrative Law Symposium focused on immigration law and adjudication. The symposium explored the rights of unauthorized migrants in the United States and how those rights are obliquely enforced. The symposium also studied the adjudicative competencies of immigration judges in light of the increased involvement of local and state authorities in the enforcement of immigration law. Finally, the symposium looked at the effect of specialized judges in immigration cases and will examine concrete proposals for reforming the immigration adjudication system. Participants include Lawrence Baum (Ohio State University, Political Science Department), Jennifer Chacón (UC Irvine School of Law), Adam Cox (University of Chicago Law School), Stephen Legomsky (Washington University Law School), Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA Law School), Cristina Rodriguez (New York University School of Law), and Russell Wheeler (Brookings Institute).

Please note: The following video requires the use of the freely available RealPlayer