Admin Law 2012 | The Power of Politics

February 24, 2012

Duke Law Journal's 42nd Annual Administrative Law Symposium will focus on several important topics in administrative law today. Selected from over 80 proposals, the seven panelists explore issues pressing upon legislators, agency and Executive Branch officials, and judges, such as the politicization of agencies, the judicial review challenges posed by shared regulatory authority, and the emphasis on reason-giving in rulemaking. The participants will use both historical and empirical analysis to describe the current administrative-law landscape and prescribe alternatives for its future.

Appearing: Edward J. Balleisen, moderator ; Stavros Gadinis (Berkeley Law), Jodi L. Short (Georgetown University), Kathryn A. Watts (University of Washington) panelists.

Conference title: Emerging Alternatives to the Traditional Model of Administrative Rulemaking

Administrative Law Conference (2012)

Panel title: The Power of Politics