The Evolving Role of Universities in the American Innovation System | Panel 2

There is great interest across government, industry, and academia in improving the U.S. innovation system, particularly in light of competitive threats from countries like China. American universities have long been a foundation of U.S. leadership in science, technology, and innovation. As with other U.S. innovation institutions, however, universities face complex challenges. This conference aims to outline a new framework for America’s universities in the context of the country’s long-term competitive future.
Panel 2 Title: Immigration Policy and the Availability and Cultivation of Talent to Support U.S. Universities' Missions
Dany Bahar, Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs (Brown University)
Esther Brimmer, NAFSA: Association of International Educators
Richard Freeman, Harvard University and NBER
Caroline Wagner, The Ohio State University
Stuart Benjamin, Duke Law School, moderator

Sponsored by the Center for Innovation Policy and co-sponsored by the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security, Duke Research and Innovation, and the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative