Framed! How Law Constructs and Constrains Culture | Music, Bound by Law?

April 02, 2004

From classical and folk, to jazz and blues, to rock and roll, hip hop and mash-ups, music has a long tradition of borrowing, recombining, and building upon existing musical elements. How has this history of borrowing been seen by the law? What lines do artists themselves see between borrowing and theft? This panel will examine the treatment of creative practices across musical genres, and consider the musical forms that would be enabled by different ways of doing business within the music industry.

Recorded on April 02, 2004.

Conference title: Framed! How Law Constructs and Constrains Culture

Appearing: Jennifer Jenkins (Duke Law School), introduction ; Anthony Kelley (Duke University), panelist ; Keith Aoki (University of Oregon Law School), panelist ; Glenn Otis Brown (Creative Commons), panelist ; Mark Hosler (Negativland), panelist ; Whitney Broussard (Selverne, Mandelbaum & Mintz), panelist.

John Brown was listed as a panelist in the event documentation but did not appear nor speaks in the video.