Internet Regulation in 2020 | Paul de Sa, Sharon Gillett & William Lehr

October 17, 2014

The Duke Law Center for Innovation Policy (CIP) sponsored a conference on October 17, 2014 to discuss the future of internet regulation. This panel, moderated by Northwestern Law School Professor James Speta, examines the following questions: Beyond the current pending mergers, what changes to the business of data delivery over the Internet are important and reasonably likely by 2020? What new categories of providers might arise, and which might diminish, with what consequences? How will these developments affect, and be affected by, regulatory policy? What are the costs and benefits of these developments and their possible regulation?

Panelists: Paul de Sa (1:08) (Senior Analyst, Bernstein Research), Sharon Gillett (7:45) (Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft Corporation), and William Lehr (24:00) (Economist, CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Moderator: James Speta (Class of 1940 Research Professor of Law, Northwestern Law School)