Libya's No-Fly Zone: War or Humanitarian Intervention?

April 06, 2011

What's going on in the Middle East and North Africa? Come learn about the current events in Libya and the greater region from an interdisciplinary panel including Law Professors Silliman, Dunlap, and Morris; Political Science Professor Maghraoui; and international lawyer and visiting scholar Georgia Harley. What exactly does the UN's "No-Fly Zone" resolution grant the international community to do? What are the implications of this intervention for international law and for U.S. foreign policy? Will any criminal prosecutions arise from these events? Lunch will be provided. Sponsored by SOLIMENA (Student Organization for Legal Issues in the Middle East and North Africa) and the ICCSN (International Criminal Court Student Network).

Please note: This video is in the deprecated RealMedia format and unavailable. It can be made available upon request as resources allow.