Videos tagged with Coalition Against Gendered Violence

  • Professor Darrell Miller led a discussion with Cassandra Rowe and Elizabeth Sager, public health experts from the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, regarding the oral arguments in the Supreme Court's next major Second Amendment case, United States v. Rahimi. The discussion covered each sides' arguments and how the Justices responded to them, the Supreme Court's upcoming decision in the case, and broader themes related to the intersection between firearms and domestic violence. Sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law.

  • While much attention has been paid to the human rights fallout of national security measures post-9/11, one area that is consistently overlooked is the impact of such measures on the family-both as a unit and for individual family members. This is the case with administrative and criminal measures that impact the family unit or members.

  • Kelli Muddell, Director of the Gender Justice Program at the International Center for Transitional Justice, discusses trends in the field of transitional justice especially with respect to gender-based impacts of violations committed during conflict and under authoritarian regimes as well as how these impacts are addressed post-conflict. This talk was moderated by Professor Aya Fujimura-Fanselow, Senior Lecturing Fellow and Supervising Attorney of the Duke International Human Rights Clinic.

  • Blaine Bookey, the Co-Legal Director at the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, discusses "Protecting Asylum-Seeking Women and Children Under Trump." The conversation was moderated by Aya Fujimura-Fanselow, Senior Legal Fellow and Supervising Attorney of Duke Law's International Human Rights Clinic.

  • The Coalition Against Gendered Violence presents a discussion on the Second Amendment, the intersection of domestic violence and gun violence protection, the legal issues involved in Voisine v. United States, and how the decision affects (or doesn't affect) the work of domestic violence advocates in North Carolina. Featuring Professor Joseph Blocher; Elizabeth Avore '06 from Everytown for Gun Safety (an organization that provided one of the amicus briefs in the case); and Amily McCool from North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

  • A panel discussion on the legal challenge to HB 2 filed in March by the North Carolina ACLU. Panelists include Chris Brook, Legal Director at the North Carolina ACLU and one of the lawyers challenging the law; Scott Skinner-Thompson '08, a professor at NYU Law whose research focuses on LGBTQ issues; and Erica Lachowitz, a business applications manager in Charlotte who has previously spoken out about the impact of the law on the trans* community.

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