Videos tagged with Richard A. Danner

  • Recorded on November 8, 2008, Duke University, School of Law.

    Speakers: Introductory remarks by Dean David Levi ; Richard H. Brodhead, Tom Metzloff, Richard Danner, Honorable Allyson K. Duncan (U.S. Court of Appeals), Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (U.S. Supreme Court) at 50:45, and Jillian M. Harrison (Duke Bar Association Internal Vice President).

  • Panel presentations and a discussion on law libraries and the study of law.

    Recorded on November 06, 2008.

    Panel titled: 21st Century Law Library.

    Appearing: Dick Danner, Senior Associate Dean for Information Services and Archibald C. and Frances Fulk Rufty Research Professor of Law at Duke Law School; S. Blair Kauffman, Librarian and Professor of Law, Yale Law Library; and John G. Palfrey, Henry N. Ess III Professor of Law and Vice Dean of Library and Information Resources, Harvard Law Library, panelists.

  • Lecture given on the background of the Watergate Affair and subsequent impeachment of President Nixon. John Sirica, Jr. donates to Duke Law School a personal letter written by President Nixon to Judge Sirica. In this letter President Nixon declines to produce the tapes of conversations in the Oval Office and other documents requested by suponea.

    Produced on November 21, 2005.

    Full title: Sirica & Nixon: A High Stakes Contest Over Executive Privilege.

  • Presentation by Dan Scheinman discussing his work at Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Recorded on February 04, 2000.

    Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series.

    Appearing: Richard A. Danner, opening remarks Dan Scheinman, speaker.