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  • Professor Darrell Miller led a discussion with Cassandra Rowe and Elizabeth Sager, public health experts from the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, regarding the oral arguments in the Supreme Court's next major Second Amendment case, United States v. Rahimi. The discussion covered each sides' arguments and how the Justices responded to them, the Supreme Court's upcoming decision in the case, and broader themes related to the intersection between firearms and domestic violence. Sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law.

  • Panel 3 of the NYU Law Review/Duke Center for Firearms Law Symposium, is "Sensitive Places and the Challenges of Applying Bruen in the Lower Courts." The event was recorded on Friday, September 23, 2022.

    - Moderator: Jamal Greene (Columbia)
    - Panelists: Joseph Blocher (Duke), Jacob Charles (Pepperdine), Adam Samaha (NYU), Darrell Miller (Duke)

    Sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law in coordination with the New York University Law Review.

  • In the ongoing national conversations about policing, protest, racism, and violence, the role of guns plays an important part. And with gun purchasing, carrying, and brandishing increasingly in the news during the Covid-19 pandemic, the intersection of these issues takes on heightened importance. Our panel conducts online panel discussion about these issues.

  • Hosted by the Duke Law Human Rights Law Society: Professors Michaels, Siegel and Miller discuss the implications of the recent personhood amendments that a number of states have attempted to pass. Professor Bartlett moderates.