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Jordan Lorence | Seven Things the Establishment Clause Does Not Forbid

Jordan Lorence, Senior Vice President of the Alliance Defense Fund, speaks on "Seven Things the Establishment Clause Does NOT Forbid." Mr. Lorence has extensive experience in First Amendment law and religious liberties.

Recorded on January 15, 2008.

Full title: Seven Things the Establishment Clause Does Not Forbid.

Appearing: Jordan Lorence (Senior Vice President of the Alliance Defense Fund), speaker.

LENS Conference 2015 | Public v. Private: Intrusive Cyberactivities in the Age of Forever War

The 2015 LENS Conference, Law in the Age of 'Forever War', focuses on the legal issues that accompany warfare in a time when technology, relationships between nations, and the abilities of non-state actors to affect the international stage, are all changing rapidly. Speakers address some of the difficult issues that have come to define modern law as it relates to warfare: targeting, surveillance, home-grown terrorism, intelligence gathering in the digital age, ensuring human rights and civil liberties.

Mills Conversation Series on Race | Juan F. Perea, The Browning of America

Juan F. Perea the Cone, Wagner, Nugent, Johnson, Hazouri & Roth Professor of Law at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, examines the implications and possibilities presented by U.S. demographic changes. Co-author of Race and Races: Cases and Resources for a Diverse America, Perea has written extensively on immigration and constitutional issues relating to Latinos in the United States.

Recorded on March 20, 2008.

Series: Jean E. And Christine P. Mills Conversation Series.

Appearing: Speaker: Juan F. Perea.