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Denis Simon

The Evolving Role of Universities in the American Innovation System | Panel 3

There is great interest across government, industry, and academia in improving the U.S. innovation system, particularly in light of competitive threats from countries like China. American universities have long been a foundation of U.S. leadership in science, technology, and innovation. As with other U.S. innovation institutions, however, universities face complex challenges. This conference aims to outline a new framework for America’s universities in the context of the country’s long-term competitive future.

Center for Innovation Policy | How Sustainable Is the China Innovation Juggernaut?

In a relatively short period of time, China has gone from being perceived as an innovation laggard to being viewed as an "innovation juggernaut." Has China's "long march" to become a global technological leader been successful? What are the realistic prospects for China's innovation system, especially in light of Western constraints on cross-border research collaboration and the flow of advanced know-how into China in fields like semiconductors and artificial intelligence?

Conversations on Innovation | Michael Brown, The Place of Defense R&D in the U.S. Innovation System

The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law's seminar series, "Conversations on Innovation: New Thinking and New Approaches," seeks to shed light on innovation policy issues that are on the horizon. This program with Michael Brown, U.S. Department of Defense, focuses on better understanding how technological advances are not only being embraced by the defense sector, but how the frontiers of innovation are being expanded by evolving defense sector needs and requirements. Moderated by Denis Simon, Executive Director of the Center.

Kelvin Droegemeier | A Retrospective and Prospective Look at US Innovation

The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law presents Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier, former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) from 2017-2021. This is the next installment of its 2021 seminar series, "Conversations on Innovation: New Thinking and New Approaches." During his tenure at OSTP, Dr. Droegemeier managed and coordinated several key strategic national initiatives aimed at ensuring American leadership in fields such as AI, quantum information, and S&T workforce development. Moderated by Dr.