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Michael A. Newton

LENS Conference 2017: Cyber, Security & Surveillance | Cyber & Surveillance

Duke's Center on Law, Ethics and National Security (LENS) held its annual national security conference on February 24-25, 2017 at Duke Law School. The 2017 LENS conference was titled "Cyber, Security & Surveillance: Truth & Consequences."

Cyber & Surveillance
Moderator: Ms. Erin Wirtanen, Central Intelligence Agency
Prof. William Banks, Syracuse Law School
Ms. Susan Hennessy, Brookings Institution
Prof. Michael A. Newton, Vanderbilt Law School
Ms. Mieke Eoyang, Third Way

DJCIL Symposium 2010: War Bound by Law | Targeting/Use of Force, Panel 2

A symposium addressing current and future developments regarding the detention and trial of persons suspected of terror-related activity; targeting suspected militants and non-state actors and the use of force; and comparative trends in related legal developments.

Recorded on January 22, 2010.

Panel titled: Targeting/Use of Force.

Conference title: War Bound by Law: Non-State Actors & the Law of Armed Conflict in the 21st Century (Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law Symposium (2010))