TRIPS Conference | Ensuring Access to Essential Medicines

April 04, 2003

Panel discussion on access to essential medicines in the context of TRIPS. Includes the following short lectures: Frederick Abbott, "Resolving Roadblocks to Ensuring Access to Essential Medicines" ; Rebecca Eisenberg, "Legal Dimensions of the Essential Medicines Problem" ; and Henry Grabowski, "Economics of Drug Discovery and Distribution."

Recorded on April 04, 2003.

Panel titled: Ensuring Access to Essential Medicines.

Conference title: International Public Goods & Transfer of Technology (TRIPS Conference (2003))

Appearing: Frederick Abbott (Florida State University College of Law), panelist ; Rebecca Eisenberg (University of Michigan School of Law), panelist ; Henry Grabowski (Duke University), panelist ; Heinz Klug (University of Wisconsin Law School), commentator ; James Love (Consumer Project on Technology), commentator ; Jayashree Watal (World Trade Organization), commentator.