TRIPS Conference | Reforming the Global IPR System to Promote Public Goods

April 04, 2003

Panel discussion on the global intellectual property rights system and the promotion of public goods. Includes the following short lectures: John Barton, "Reforming the International Patent System" ; Pamela Samuelson and Suzanne Scotchmer, "IPR for Information Technologies" ; and Timothy Swanson, "The Economics of Biotechnology and IPR."

Recorded on April 04, 2003.

Panel titled: Reforming the Global IPR System to Promote Public Goods.

Conference title: International Public Goods & Transfer of Technology (TRIPS Conference (2003))

Appearing: John Barton (Stanford University School of Law), panelist ; Pamela Samuelson (University of California at Berkeley School of Law), panelist ; Suzanne Scotchmer (University of California at Berkeley), panelist ; Timothy Swanson (University College London), panelist ; Wesley Cohen (Fuqua School of Business, Duke University), commentator ; William Kingston (School of Business Studies, Trinity College, Dublin), commentator.