TRIPS Conference | Technology Transfer in the 21st Century

April 04, 2003

Panel discussion on 21st century technology transfer. Includes the follow short lectures: Arti Rai, "Technology Transfer from Public to Private Sectors" ; Carlos Correa, "Promoting Technology Transfer within TRIPS" ; and Keith Maskus and Kamal Saggi, "Re-thinking Technology Transfer in the Global Economy."

Recorded on April 04, 2003.

Panel titled: Technology Transfer in the 21st Century.

Conference title: International Public Goods & Transfer of Technology (TRIPS Conference (2003))

Appearing: Arti Rai (University of Pennsylvania School of Law), panelist ; Carlos Correa (Masters Program on Science and Technology Policy and Management, University of Buenos Aires), panelist ; Keith Maskus (Department of Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder), panelist ; Kamal Saggi (Southern Methodist University), panelist ; Samuel Kortum (University of Minnesota), commentator ; Pedro Roffe (UNCTAD-ICTSD), commentator.