Study Rooms

Eight private study rooms are available on Level 2 of the Goodson Law Library (view map), for reservation by current Duke Law students. In addition, Room 4200B on Level 4 (view map) is available for reservation by members of the Duke Law community. Reserved room keys can be "checked out" for a four-hour time period at the Circulation/Reserve desk on Level 3.

Law students may reserve a study room up to 72 hours in advance by logging in to the online calendar.

Make an Online Reservation

Note: Your reservation may be forfeited if the room key is not picked up within 15 minutes of the reservation start time.

Video Conferences and Interviews at Duke Law School

Duke Law School is pleased to offer students the opportunity to conduct video conference meetings and interviews with employers (“Meetings” and “Counterparty”). Please follow this quick set-up guide to get started. Please note that Room 4200B is not equipped for video conference meetings or interviews; the study rooms on Level 2 have the appropriate built-in technology.

A VOIP phone can also be reserved for phone interviews. Note: If you need to reserve both a room and the phone for more than 2 hours each, please see the Circulation/Reserve desk for further assistance with your reservation.

Reservation System Feedback

We're always interested to hear your feedback about the online reservation software. Please fill out a comment form to let us know about your experience using the online reservation system.

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Current Room Status

unavailableRoom 2204
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unavailableRoom 2207
availableRoom 2212
unavailableRoom 2213
availableRoom 2214
availableRoom 2215
availableRoom 4200B

Note: This status reflects only whether the room key is currently checked out to a borrower. Room keys listed as "available" may have a pending reservation in the online calendar; log in to confirm availability.