Treaties and Agreements

What are Treaties and International Agreements?

U.S. Treaties and Agreements - The Process

Researching U.S. Treaties and Agreements

Locating the Text of the Treaty or Agreement

Status and Ratification Information

Background Information

Researching Multilateral Treaties

Treaty Collections for Other Countries

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Locating the Text of the Treaty or Agreement

Treaty Indexes

When the source for the full text of the document is not available, consult a treaty index. More indexes are listed in the section on multilateral treaties.

Official Full-text Sources

Since the official publications are so slow, most researchers rely on unofficial sources.

Research Tip
Even though U.S. treaties and agreements are available from many different sources, these sources are not all the same. Sometimes it will be necessary to consult more than one of the sources mentioned above to locate the treaty you need. If all else fails, call the Department of State's Office of Treaty Affairs at (202) 647-1345 for up-to-date treaty information. Or, if you are looking for a very recent treaty which has been submitted to the Senate for advice and consent, contact the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations at (202) 224-4651.