Duke Law Catering Guidelines


Bon Vivant Catering serves as the vendor for the Law School Café. In addition, Bon Vivant Catering will be the preferred catering vendor for all Law School functions held onsite. All orders for catering should go through Bon Vivant, including breakfast, box/ bag lunches, sandwiches, breaks, etc.

Please browse the Bon Vivant Catering Menu for ideas about the types of options available. Keep in mind that this is only a selection of options and menus can be tailored for specific events.

To place a catering order with Bon Vivant, contact Geri Seibert, catering manager at bvc@nc.rr.com or call 919-493-4249.

If Bon Vivant cannot satisfy your needs or meet your budget requirements, you may work with the director of events to find another caterer. Exceptions to this rule are events serving pizza or burritos, as Bon Vivant does not offer these items (see exceptions section below).

We understand, particularly now, most events must meet constrained budgets. Bon Vivant has agreed to work with all price points and to do everything possible to meet the Law School's catering needs. Keep in mind, The Refectory Café and Bon Vivant operate a living-wage business, meaning they provide year-round insurance and competitive wages to employees. Their menu offers fresh, organic, often locally-grown items. Utilizing Bon Vivant whenever possible assures us the highest quality products for our events and helps us support an important member of our community.


Those who wish to serve pizza or burritos at their event may continue to place orders and arrange for delivery on their own. For convenience, the Law School has negotiated Duke Law rates with the following pizza vendors:

  • Domino's 919-682-3030
  • Papa John's -682-7272
  • Amante Gourmet Pizza 919-572-2345
  • Cosmic Cantina 919-286-1875
  • Moe's Southwest Grill 919-434-6697
  • Please be aware to take the necessary health and sanitary precautions to provide proper serving utensil, gloves, sanitizer, etc. to help prevent the spread of germs. Students should not self-serve pizza as too many hands touching the pizza can pass along germs. We strongly urge you to have volunteers wear gloves and serve the pizza to your attendees.


Bon Vivant Catering is able to service off-site catering needs, as well.

Please contact the Events Office at 919-613-8548 or events@law.duke.edu with questions or assistance for catering needs.