Workshops, Seminars, and Working Groups

United States

  • Legal History Colloquium, New York University Law School
    Annual series of workshops for research in progress, including 2-3 annual Samuel Golieb Fellows, who are either completing graduate work in legal history, or recent recipients of the Ph.D.
  • Legal History Forum, Yale Law School
    Annual series of workshops by “eminent academics and junior scholars to present works-in-progress.”
  • Institute for Legal Studies, University of Wisconsin Law School
    Interdisciplinary center for the study of law and society, overseeing a variety of workshops, lectures, and related events, and offering a range of courses for undergraduates and law students.
  • Program in Legal History, University of Illinois College of Law
    Annual series of 3-6  presentations in legal history, mostly by invited visiting scholars, and mostly in the field of British or American legal history.
  • Chicago Legal History Seminar, American Bar Foundation and Kent School of Law
    Monthly series of  presentations of works-in-progress within the field of legal history, broadly construed, primarily by scholars resident in the Chicago area.
  • Law and History Program, Columbia University
    Annual series of presentations, mostly by visiting legal historians, along with a more informal set of workshops for and discussions of work-in-progress by graduate students and resident faculty.
  • Legal History Colloquium, Harvard Law School
    The Colloquium invites visiting legal historians to present work-in-progress, and is linked to a year-long law school class in which student participants offer comments on all papers.
  • Program on Legal and Constitutional History, University of Virginia Law School
    Monthly legal history workshop for presentation of work-in-progress by legal historians and students in Virginia’s JD-MA joint degree program, and the Colloquium in American Legal History, in which a law school classes discusses recent work in legal history with the authors.
  • Legal History Workshop, University of California-Los Angeles Law School
    Series of workshops of work-in-progress by legal historians, linked to law school class in which student participants offer comments on all papers.
  • Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California-Berkeley
    Weekly interdisciplinary speaker series featuring scholars based in law schools, and social science and humanities departments, including a number of historians.
  • The Center for Law and History, Washington and Lee
    Annual series of workshops for visiting scholars who present work-in-progress, as well as two annual lectures by eminent legal historians.
  • Center for Law, History, and Culture, University of Southern California
    Annual series of biweekly workshops, mostly for visiting scholars, who present research-in-progress.  Also sponsor of lectures and conferences.
  • Legal History Program, University of Chicago Law School
    Annual workshop series for research in progress.
  • Symposium on Comparative Early Modern Legal History, Newberry Library
    Annual one-day conference exploring the legal history of the early modern world.