• Legal History Blog, Mary Dudziak, University of Southern California, Founder; Dan Ernst, Georgetown Law Center; Karen Tani, University of California-Berkeley; Mitra Sharafi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Launched in the fall of 2006, this blog offers regular reflections on new scholarship in the field, the news of legal history-related professional societies, and a forum for the exchange of ideas among legal historians. Incorporates a rotating set of guest bloggers.
  • Juridicus, Peter Hansen, Legal History Project
    A legal history blog paying especially close attention to discussions relevant to legal history in the mainstream media. No longer updated; full archives online.
  • The Edinburgh Legal History Blog, Centre for Legal History, University of Edinburgh Law School
    Announcements for lectures, workshops, and symposia, along with developments in the legal history of Scotland and elsewhere.
  • European Society for Comparative Legal History
    Posts calls for papers, conferences, and relevant resources in comparative legal history with the intent to promote the study of comparative legal history, biased toward European and Western legal history.
  • Irish Society of Comparative Law
    Posts calls for papers, lectures, seminars, etc. related to international comparative law, including opportunities in Ireland that may not be announced elsewhere.
  • Environment, Law, and History
    Offers a common forum for those working in law, history, geography, and environmental studies to exchange ideas. Posts calls for papers, conferences and opportunities in environment, law and history from all over the world.
  • The Canadian Legal History Blog, the Osgoode Society
    Forum to share knowledge and discuss topics in Canadian legal history.
  • Gender and the Law Prof Blog, Tracy Thomas, University of Akron School of Law
    Blog focused on women, gender, and the law with significant content about the history of women, gender, and the law and women’s rights movements.
  • Faculty Lounge Blog, Bridget Crawford, Dan Filler, Steven Lubet, Alfred Brophy, et al.
    Hosts conversations generally about law, culture, and academia with frequent posts about legal history.
  • Jotwell, A. Michael Froomkin, Editor in Chief
    Forum to review the recent work of legal scholars. Deborah Dinner and Joanna Grisinger serve as legal history section editors.
  • Litera Scripta, University of Alabama Law School
    Special collections blog created to talk about collections at the University of Alabama Bounds Law Library, mainly focused on legal history in Alabama.
  • Från Schylters Lustgård, Kjell Å Modéer
    Swedish language blog focused on comparative legal history (Google translate version available in chrome).
  • Legal History Miscellany, Sara M. Butler, Krista Kesselring, Katherine D. (Cassie) Watson
    Forum for archival finds related to the histories of law, crime, and justice.
  • Rechtsgeschiedenis Blog, Otto Vervaart
    Blog about legal history from a Dutch perspective.