Library Research Guides/General Reference Resources

Library Guides

  • Roman Law Resources, Ernest Metzger, University of Glasgow
    Extremely rich compilation of bibliographies, teaching resources, and links related to the history of Roman law.
  • Research Guide in English Legal History, Duke Law School
    Primarily an overview of non-electronic sources in English law.
  • Legal History Resources Online, University of Melbourne
    Comprehensive overview of Australian legal history.
  • Legal History -- Crime and Punishment Research Guide, Georgetown University Law School
    Extensive overview of primary/secondary sources and internet resources, with a strong emphasis on the English and American experience.
  • American Legal History Research Guide, University of Chicago Law School
    Another large and comprehensive research guide, with especially extensive overviews of archival collections related to law available in the Chicago area, either at research libraries or government archives; includes a very useful description of extant manuscript court records for the city of Chicago, the state of Illinois, and the federal government housed at the Great Lakes Branch of the National Archives.
  • Guide to Manuscripts, Special Collections, Harvard Law School
    Overview of Harvard’s manuscript holdings in legal history.
  • Women’s Legal History Biography Project, Stanford Law School
    Extensive biographical information on women lawyers in America, with bibliographies, some primary source texts, and numerous links.
  • International Centre for the History of Crime, Policing, and Justice, Ian Bridgely and Clive Emlsey, Open University
    Extensive overviews of scholarly literature and primary sources related to all facets of the history of criminal justice, with a focus on the U.K. and the British Empire. Useful links to related websites.
  • Anglo-Indian Legal History, Mitch Fraas, University of Pennsylvania
    Includes extensive bibliographies of primary sources, links to primary sources and discussions of the topic area, and some of Fraas’ own research notes. Focused on early colonial period.
  • Mitra Sharafi’s South Asian Legal History Resources, Mitra Sharafi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Extremely rich compilation of published primary sources and law articles, along with a research guide to case law, information about Indian colonial lawyers, bibliography of secondary sources, research notes, and Sharafi’s perspectives on the field from the sitemaker, and plentiful links. Weighted toward the later colonial period.
  • India Legal Research Guide: Introduction, Sunil Rao, University of Wisconsin-Madison Law Library
    Extensive overview of “Indian primary and secondary legal resources (primarily federal) available at the UW Law Library and online.”
  • Research resources on Israeli legal history, Tel Aviv University
    Guide to Israeli legislation, case law, and secondary sources and links to primary documents. Some links to legal history databases outside Israeli context as well.
  • Deutsches Rechtswoerterbuch, The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences
    Compre­hensive dictionary of historical German and West Germanic legal terms. Default German text with English and French translations available.
  • Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Medieval and Early Modern Jurists, Ames Foundation
    An updated and refined version of Kenneth Pennington’s Medieval and Early Modern Jurists: A Bio-Bibliographical Listing. It includes lists of manuscript libraries arranged by work and author.