Academic Calendar

Summer Term 2015

JD/LLM-LE Summer Immersion (for 2L JD-LLM-LE students only)

Monday, May 11

First Day of Class

Friday, June 5

Last Day of Class

Master’s Program in Judicial Studies

Monday, May 18

First Day of Class

Monday, May 25, Memorial Day

No Classes Held

Friday, June 12

Last Day of Class

Summer Institutes in Transnational Law (Hong Kong/Geneva)

Sunday, June 28


Monday, June 29

First Day of Class, Term I

Friday, July 10

Last Day of Class, Term I

Monday July 13

First Day of Class, Term II

Friday, July 24

Last Day of Class, Term II

Sun--Tue, July 26–28

Reading and Examination Period

*Wednesday, July 17 Fall Registration Period for Upper Level JD Students begins*

Summer Institute on Law, Language & Culture

Friday, July 17


Monday, July 20

First Day of Class

Wednesday, August 12

Last Day of Class

Fall Term 2015

Career Development (Upper Level JD Students)
August 10-13 Monday-Thursday On-Campus Interviewing
August 14-25 Friday-Tuesday Professional Development & Callback Days
LEAD Week / Orientation
August 17–21 Monday-Friday International LLM Students
August 18-21 Tuesday-Friday 1L JD Students
August 19-21 Wednesday-Friday Law & Entrepreneurship LLM Students
August 19 Wednesday LARW classes begin (1L JD Students)
August 24 Monday 1L Classes begin
Regular Semester
August 26 Wednesday Upper-Level Classes begin
September 3 Thursday Drop-Add period ends at midnight
September 4 Friday Clinic Intensive Training
September 7 Monday Labor Day -- Classes meet
September 12-13 Saturday-Sunday Guantanamo Clinic Standdown
September 25 Friday **Designated Class Make-up Day
October 2 Friday Wintersession Registration Begins
October 12-16 Monday-Friday Fall Break -- No Classes 1L LARW Writing Week
October 20 Tuesday End of 7th week of class
October 23 Friday 1L Mid-Term Exams
October 30 Friday Spring Registration period begins
October 30 Friday **Designated Class Make-up Day
November 20 Friday **Designated Class Make-Up Day
November 25–27 Wednesday-Friday Thanksgiving Break
December 2 Wednesday First-Year Classes End
December 3 Thursday First Year Reading Period begins
December 4 Friday Upper-Level Classes End
December 5 Saturday Upper-Level reading period begins
December 7 Monday First Year Examination Period Begins
December 9 Wednesday Upper Level Examination Period Begins
December 18 Friday Examination Period Ends


Wednesday-Sunday, January 6-10, 2016

Spring Term 2016

January 11 Monday First Day of Classes
January 12 Tuesday LARW Writing Classes Resume
January 14-17 Thursday-Sunday Intensive Trial Practice Weekend
January 18 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (No Classes)
January 20 Wednesday Drop Add period ends at 5 pm.
January 22 Friday Clinic Intensive Training
Tbd tbd Guantanamo Clinic Standdown
March 14-18 Monday-Friday Spring Break (No Classes)
April 11 Monday Last Day of Class (Monday classes meet)
April 12 Tuesday Reading and Examination Period begins
April 29 Friday Reading and Examination Period ends
May 10 Tuesday All graduating students must be cleared by noon.
May 14 Saturday Law School Hooding Ceremony
May 15 Sunday University Commencement