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In law school, the process of applying for jobs begins very early. Taking the time early on, and throughout your law school experience, to learn about the many available opportunities will make your career planning easier.

Our mission, and that of the entire Law School, is to work with each of you to help you acquire the tools and skills to take ownership of your own professional development so that you will be able to find the right job for you, both during and after law school. To help you do this, we try to help you understand both your own goals as well as where in the professional world they can be fulfilled. We encourage you to view your professional development as an integral part of your Duke Law School experience.

The Career Center team is committed to getting to know every Duke Law Student with the goal of offering individualized attention to each student. Starting with participation in Admitted Students events, followed by 1L Orientation and involvement in all facets of student life, the Career Center team is a fixture of the student experience at Duke. Each JD student is assigned a career counselor in the first weeks of their 1L year, and students are required to meet with their counselor at least three times over the course of the year. While three meetings may be as many as some students need or want, students are welcome to schedule as many as they like.