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June 4 – 30, 2023

PLUS Program studentsThe Duke PreLaw Fellowship Program is a four week residential program that aims to introduce talented rising college sophomores and juniors to the study of law and to the legal profession.

We enroll 20 to 30 students per year with the ideal candidate being a strong student who is ready to work hard, engage in coursework, and is interested in the access this program provides toward preparing for a legal education.

Students are targeted from colleges and universities in the Southeast region of the United States with a focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. As a leading law school in the South, Duke considers the program a significant opportunity to encourage larger numbers of students in the region to not only consider law school but to be prepared to pursue it successfully. While the program is targeted primarily to first- and second-year students of color, we will also seek to include first-generation college students.

How to Apply

Eligible Students

The Duke PreLaw Fellowship Program is open to students who have completed their freshman or sophomore years at four-year colleges and universities, technical colleges and community colleges. Eligible students will have completed between 24 and 60 credits. The program focuses on attracting promising students from groups historically underrepresented in the legal profession, first generation college students and those from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as students facing other significant barriers to entering the legal profession.

Application Deadline

The application must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. EASTERN time on Friday, March 3, 2023. We will continue to accept supporting material after the application deadline.

Selection Process 

Applications will be reviewed holistically by evaluating each student's academic promise, volunteer and/or work experience, and commitment to the Duke PreLaw Fellowship Program. Finalists will be contacted for an interview via Zoom. Interviews will be conducted by invitation only.

Program Costs

All programming, books, and course packets will be provided free of charge. Attendees will receive a stipend of $1,000 for participating in the program.


2023 Sponsors

Office of Diversity Initiatives

"Oftentimes in minority communities, the access to resources, opportunities or information is not as readily available as it can be in other communities. There is a strong push to make sure that students of color and students from lower economic backgrounds are made aware of the opportunities that they can have and are made aware that law school is something they can do." (excerpt from LSAC Shifting the Dynamics of the Legal Profession)

The Office of Diversity Initiatives works with students, student organizations, administrators, and faculty on efforts to enhance inclusivity and diversity at the Law School. Staff members maintain connections with minority alumni to promote opportunities for engagement with Duke Law and facilitates connections that benefit current and prospective students.

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If you have questions about the program or regarding the status of your application, please contact us at 919-613-7002 or


The Duke PreLaw Fellowship program: Laying the groundwork for professional success

Twenty-three rising sophomores and juniors from colleges and universities comprise Duke’s PreLaw Fellowship Program in 2023. Students take a wide variety of classes, including but not limited to, civil rights law, contracts, criminal law, critical race theory, property law, and legal writing. Participants also receive LSAT preparation and gain insight and advice on applying.