Global Health

The course is designed to provide students with multidisciplinary theories and techniques for assessing and addressing infectious, chronic, and behavioral health problems in less wealthy areas of the world. Faculty members from the various involved disciplines will teach the course, which will address global health issues from the disciplines of epidemiology, biology, medicine, nursing, law, ethics, policy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, environment, and engineering. After a brief review of public health history and epidemiologic methods, the course will examine key determinants of health and disease, and organizational structures and their roles in defining, preventing, and managing public health problems. The course will also explore selected health problems or issues from a health services research perspective, and discuss their health policy implications. The course will include intensive reading, archival research, and writing, and will have two regular lecture meetings and one lab, which will consist of guest speakers who further introduce students to disease causal pathways and potential interventions from the perspective of the faculty members' discipline.

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