Guantanamo Defense Clinic

Students in the Guantánamo Defense Clinic will assist in the defense of Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, the named defendant in the "9/11 case" before the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay. Clinic students will work with clinic professors and defense counsel to analyze legal issues posed by the case, construct case theories and strategies, and prepare court filings and arguments.

"Standdown"—a two-day intensive training seminar—will be held over a weekend at the beginning of the semester.  Students should check the Academic Calendar to confirm the Standdown dates.

The class will meet, thereafter, during its weekly class period (Thursdays, 10:30am-12:20pm), with additional team meetings scheduled as required.

The course requires a minimum of 100 hours of work, apart from the scheduled training seminar and class meetings.

Clinic Contact Information:
Phone: 919.613.7049
Fax: 919.613.7231

Course Number: 
Course Credits: 
Course Types: 
Course Learning Outcomes: 
(b) Legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem-solving, and written and oral communication in the legal context
(d) Other professional skills needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession


*Please note that this information is for planning purposes only, and should not be relied upon for the schedule for a given semester. Faculty leaves and sabbaticals, as well as other curriculum considerations, will sometimes affect when a course may be offered.