295.02 Trusts and Estates

In Fall 2017, Professor Doriane Coleman will teach the course out of the third edition of Raymond C. O’Brien and Michael T. Flannery, Decedents’ Estates: Cases and Materials (2016).  The book takes a modern approach to family forms and to the distribution of assets, featuring traditional and nontraditional families and inter vivos transfers.  The subjects covered will generally track its table of contents which is available at http://www.cap-press.com/pdf/9781611638653.pdf.  These include intestate succession, the last will and testament, restraints on wealth transfers, future interests, and trusts.  The book is available in hardcover and as an e-book.  The specific goals for the course are to ensure that students are prepared for the testing of these subjects on the bar and have a sophisticated understanding of the foundations and implications of various rule choices.  More generally, because the material features skills and ideas that transcend the particular subject matter – for example, statutory interpretation, the relationship between courts and the legislature, and the division between law and equity – the course is also designed to continue students’ intellectual and professional development in these areas.  Grades will be based on class participation and a final take-home (8-hour business day) exam.

Fall 2017

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Doriane Coleman
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