376.01 History of International Law

To understand any body of law, it is useful to understand its origins and development.  To understand international law – a body of law based largely on custom and “incremental development” – the study of its history is especially crucial.  The History of International Law will trace the development of the “Law of Nations” from its roots in the ancient world forward to the modern day.  The course will focus on the development of the core concepts of international law, including sovereignty, state responsibility, jurisdiction, territoriality, and nationality, and will trace the evolution of practice and thought on the field’s perennial quandaries, including the bases of international obligations and the mechanisms of enforcement.  By gaining a cohesive overview of the field’s historical underpinnings, students will be equipped with a firm grounding and framework for analysis of issues in the diverse areas of international law that they may study or in which they may practice.

Spring 2018

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Madeline Morris
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