529.01 Corporate Governance

With the spate of corporate scandals in recent years undermining investor confidence in public corporations, corporate governance is increasingly a major policy issue in business regulation and a key element in business strategy and corporate litigation. This course will discuss the major debates in corporate governance, the challenges for designing an optimal system for governing corporations, and the increasingly important role of lawyers in these policy debates. The course will focus on a range of issues. For example, is shareholder activism by hedge funds and other institutional shareholders good for shareholder value, or does it promote short-termism? Do anti-takeover devices entrench managers or promote long-term strategic growth? Are CEOs paid too much, and should their compensation be regulated? Does state competition for corporate charters lead to a race to the top or the bottom? How can for-profit firms be designed pursue social missions and avoid green-washing? In discussing each of these topics, this course will consider whether corporations are best regulated by the government or market discipline. To fulfill the requirements for this course, students will have the option to write short reaction papers or the opportunity to work on a substantial research paper.

Spring 2018

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
Course Credits
Research paper, 25+ pages
Reflective Writing
Ofer Eldar
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