611.14 Readings in Social Justice: Mass Incarceration

This one-credit C/NC readings class will explore the continuing crisis of mass incarceration.  Drawing on the expertise of Duke Law School’s clinical faculty, the course will examine the causes of the explosion of the U.S. penal population, including the public and private structures and incentives that have enabled the crisis.  Students and faculty will trace the path of a prison inmate from the school-to-prison pipeline, to life and health care in prison, and ending with the problems faced after re-entry.  We will also examine mass incarceration under an international human rights framework, and discuss how the effects of mass incarceration are exacerbated by technological decision-making tools that implicate everything from sentencing to parole, and the search for housing and jobs.

The class will meet 8 times throughout the semester for 90-minute sessions, and will be offered credit/no-credit.  Open to 2L, 3L and LLM students.  Enrollment cap is 18.  Class will be collaboratively taught by faculty of the Duke Law Clinics.  Reflection papers will be required.

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Spring 2018

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Reflective Writing
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Anne Gordon, Clinic Faculty
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