515.01 Contract Drafting for the Finance Lawyer

Contract Drafting is an upper-level course that teaches basic practical skills in contract drafting through written drafting exercises. The exercises will be done both in and outside of class, and extensive peer and instructor editing will be used. While the skills taught will be basic, they will also be translatable to more sophisticated contracts, such as those that Duke Law students can expect to see and draft in practice. The course will be a combination of lecture and in-class drafting and editing exercises, with an emphasis on the exercises. There will be pre-class reading assignments from the text, possibly supplemented with other outside reading. Some drafting exercises will be assigned to be done outside of class for subsequent in-class editing. Grading will be on the basis of these written drafting assignments, the quality of editing others' drafts, and class participation.

Fall 2019

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Practical exercises
In-class exercise
Class participation
Variable by section
Alexandra K. Johnson
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.515.01.F19
Email list: LAW.515.01.F19@sakai.duke.edu
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