295.01 Trusts and Estates

The course I’ve planned for spring 2019 is designed to meet two objectives: The first is to ensure that students learn the doctrine so that they are prepared for the trusts and estates sections of the bar examination and for law practice in this and related areas.  The second is to explore the theoretical foundations and policy implications of the various rule choices reflected in that doctrine.  Students will sign up in advance for a day to be responsible for presenting and explaining the doctrine, and open class discussion on doctrine, policy, and theory will proceed on the basis of that foundation.  The textbook for the course is the 10th edition of Sitkoff & Dukeminier’s Wills, Trusts, and Estates.  This will be the first time I’ve taught out of this text and this new edition.  Because of this, there is no past syllabus to provide for students’ review.  But to ensure complete coverage of the subject matter, we will go through the entire book, which translates to about 35-40 pages of reading per class meeting.  The book is well-known for its thoroughness but also for its unusually engaging layout and so I anticipate we’ll get a lot out of it and enjoy the process.  Students will be graded on their class presentation and participation, and on a final take-home exam.

Spring 2019

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Doriane Coleman
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