611.18 Readings: State Constitutionalism and Localism

This one-credit readings course will focus on the doctrinal and theoretical issues surrounding state constitutional law and localism. We will address issues such as interpretation of state constitutions; state constitutions as the source of both negative and positive rights; the "new preemption" of local government; the role of mayors and municipal government is setting public policy, political polarization and localism, and related topics. Class will meet every other week. Evaluation will be based on class participation and reflection papers. C/NC.

This Readings section counts as a PIPS elective.

Fall 2020

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
Course Credits
Reflective Writing
Class participation
Darrell A. H. Miller
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.611.18.F20
Email list: LAW.611.18.F20@sakai.duke.edu
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Course Requirements - LLM-ICL
Course Requirements - Public Interest
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