611.26 Readings: The Financial Policy Response to Covid 19

The coronavirus pandemic upended American capitalism and forced the Federal Reserve (Fed) and central banks around the word to take drastic steps to keep money flowing throughout the financial system. The Fed dusted off its 2007-09 financial crisis playbook and expanded it with unprecedented lending facilities that target corporate America directly. What is the purpose of these programs, how do they work, and what tools remain in the Federal Reserve's toolbox to help aid the economy during these unprecedented times? This  half-credit reading course will attempt to answer these questions. The course will meet in-person, with an online option for those who cannot attend physically, on Thursdays at 7pm. Students will be evaluated based upon class participation and a short writing assignment due at the end of the course.

Class will meet 5 times throughout the semester for 75 minutes each class.

This Readings section counts as a PIPS elective.

Special Notes:

HYBRID *Class will meet 5 times

Fall 2020

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Lee Reiners
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