611.19 Readings

The detention of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base has been ongoing for eighteen years. Of the 40 detainees still held at Guantanamo, two have been convicted after trial by military commission, and eight have charges pending for trial by military commission. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the most fundamental constitutional, international-law, and law-of-war questions raised by these detentions and military commission proceedings. This one-credit readings course will focus on those questions. The class will examine the underlying constitutional, policy, and international-relations dilemmas involved, identify the set of potential resolutions, and consider the ramifications of each.

Grades will be based on weekly reflection papers and class participation.

This course will meet for the first seven weeks of classes.

Special Notes:

*Readings: The Guantanamo Conundrum

Fall 2021

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Reflective Writing
Class participation
Madeline Morris
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