760L.01 Practitioner's Guide to Labor Law

This course is designed to provide a practical overview of the main labor law issues that arise in the U.S. workplace. Using a variety of approaches of instruction including mock exercises, outside speakers, writing exercises and analysis of current events, the course will familiarize students with not just the basic concepts underlying the broad range of labor law but cover more advanced topics. As such, the course is appropriate both for students who have taken Labor Law and those new to the topic. To a certain extent, the class topics will be “collectively bargained,” meaning students will actually bargain over class material with the Professor, much as what happens in a union-management relationship.

Class will meet seven times through the semester.

Spring 2022

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
Course Credits
Reflective Writing
Practical exercises
Class participation
Daniel Seymour Bowling III
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Course Requirements - Public Interest
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