767.01 Advanced Legal Research

This course aims to prepare law students for research in practice and clerkships. The goal is to help students develop solid skills and knowledge to conduct cost-effective legal research in domestic, foreign, and international law. The primary focus of the class is on U.S. legal research, including advanced case and docket research, statutory research, regulatory research, and research on specialized topics such as legislative history, municipal law, court rules, litigation resources, and securities law. We will also cover basic resources and strategies for conducting international and foreign legal research. Grading is based on homework assignments, in-class exercises, and class participation.

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Spring 2022

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Practical exercises
Class participation
Alex Zhang
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW-767-01-Sp22
Email list: LAW-767-01-Sp22@sakai.duke.edu
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Course Requirements - JD
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