611.53 Readings in Housing: Crisis and Opportunity

"Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing.  Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.” Professor Matthew Desmond

Drawing on the expertise of various members of Duke Law School’s Clinical Faculty, as well as outside guest speakers, this one-credit C/NC readings class will explore the critical issue of housing from a wide variety of perspectives. Among others, we will use the lenses of criminal law, international human rights, environmental justice, health, land use and religion, wealth, opportunity and social mobility, and racial justice to critically consider the role of housing in our lives and communities. Throughout we will assess the role of law in enhancing or limiting opportunities for housing justice. 

The class will meet 8 times throughout the semester for 90-minute sessions, and will be offered credit/no-credit. Class will be collaboratively taught by Duke Law faculty.  Reflection papers will be required.

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Spring 2024

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Andrew Foster
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